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The autumn noon
The yellow trail
Mystic world of Kashi
Adorning himself with colours
Learning time with Papa
Toast to a mersmeric setting
A Walk at Cheesequake
Falling for his charm
Foliage pallette
Caught between both the worlds
Snow capped terrains
On the face
The last light of the day
Ladakhian textures
Grown up for the lift
Dreams at a click
Self indulgence
Back to waters before the storm
Intricate artwork
Splashes of pink on the rest
Feet on the wheel of light
All alone for some fish
Three cheers to twilight
Untamed tranquility
The play of revenge
Awed by the final stretch of light
Rush of the Niagara
Splatter of celebration
Grandma's peck on the forehead
Celestial cycling
Urban calling lights
Rising sun
Snapping the Mughalian Arches
Thousands and thousands in sky
Return of the little prince
Snow capped edges
At the waves...
Joker's Serve
Twins in yellow
Song of the dusk
Flushing Meadows
The other side of the monk