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Two for life...
The "dawn time" fishermen
Reach for the skies... and never never give it up!
The Beach Boy
Life at Neils
Perfect setting for some snorkelling...
Fast and furious... will you?!
Let there be glory!
Now tell me... Which one is gonna eat the earth!?
Flying with the clouds
Older streets of Benaras
One foggy morning on the banks of Ganges
The two on a perfect beach day
Alone in Paradise
Angry little hero!
Where did I miss my paint brush?!
Monsoon moments at Allepey
Carefully and out from his hiding place...
Drawn to the waves
Glimpses of a nameless paradise
Whispering thoughts
Dances of the Sky
Just when they reached the shores, it rained!
Pamban Moments!
Just when it started to pour!
Calmness after the storm
The perfect morning
Mumma, boy and the fun
Song of the waves
Calm turquoise waters
Jungle on one side... Beach on the other...
Spotted something on the shores!
First attempt into the sea waters
Somewhere in the alley
Another day in paradise for the fisherman...
Tones of that tilt in axis
Rocks, waves and the azure beach!
Blissful moments at Neil
Rainy evening at Corbyn's!
Walking on glass
Nature's design in bridging gaps
Two men at the dock