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Twilight boating at Ganges
Demon form to kill one
Hoping for fishes in the glittering waters
The roadside fancy store
Colours behind the evening fishing
Stepping into a new holy city
Noon at the backwaters
Golden Glittering Backwaters
Racing against the monsoon!
Yeah.. boys can be sweet too!
Mesmeric Calmness
Roadway to the absolute edge
Nothing like Sundays!
Golden ripples around a meticulous fisherman
Quite blissfully, Krishna!
Monsoon Canoe sprints!
The gaint leap across the backwaters
Monsoons beckon
Face on face with another boat
Always... with us!
Fishing in pouring rain
Rowing into the baclwaters
Through the woods
Two fishermen on a boat
The aroma of the Rajasthani Delicacy
Monsoon fishing
The little warrior's hide place
Distant echoes of a lone fisherman
Getting set for the monsson race
Resonating tranquility
The boatman at the edge
Connecting to the tree of life
Before the big heave
Towards the Tinkling bells
The rising Madras sun!
Into the zone, is the artist
Holding on to the Shadjamam
A complete concert experience
Surutti.. Saveri.. Shanmugapriya..
Soaked into Simhendramadhyamam
A repertoire to be proud of!
Scaling the pinnacle