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Getting set for the monsson race
Resonating tranquility
The boatman at the edge
Connecting to the tree of life
Before the big heave
Towards the Tinkling bells
The rising Madras sun!
Into the zone, is the artist
Holding on to the Shadjamam
A complete concert experience
Surutti.. Saveri.. Shanmugapriya..
Soaked into Simhendramadhyamam
A repertoire to be proud of!
Scaling the pinnacle
Illegal sand smuggling
Summertime... when the weather is fine...
Not yet big enough to cycle this one!
Ganges and the Gulls
Across Ganga and the Kashi smog
Quintessential Madras Morning
Yet another blissful morning!
Slow and towards the tip
Jumping from underneath the ocean
At the maize farms of Paghwara
Memories of Nilam
A new chapter... Simply Royal!
Another mesmerizing morning
Time enabled graffitti
For him, everyone is god!
The net adjustment
Morning chores of the washerwoman
A true follower of Hanuman
Solitude at twilight
Dismantling the current session's catch
Morning at the flower market
The art of aging
Nectar for breakfast
The bliss of working at dawn
First sight of Varanasi
Descending from Khardung la