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Urban calling lights
Rising sun
Snapping the Mughalian Arches
Thousands and thousands in sky
Return of the little prince
Snow capped edges
At the waves...
Joker's Serve
Twins in yellow
Song of the dusk
Flushing Meadows
The other side of the monk
Above Ground Zero
Evening with ammamma
Like the king of an Empire
Mesmerized by the mist
Maid of the mist
Noontime Conversations
Beyond eternity
Serbian Artistry
In between the pillars
Bracing NYC
Drawing more ripples
Boa's Nap
Playtime with Thatha
Born to entice
Sailin' across Hudson
Together with the roots
Symbolizing liberty
When the evening breeze set in
Amidst the concrete jungle
Feeling the shadows of dusk
Seeing herself in New York
Poetry with the nature
Glowing in twilight
Dissolving into the dusk
Lazy Bum
The Ripplemaker
Mr. Seetharama Iyer
Daddy's little angel
Little Golgoppa
Conversations over the wet sand walk