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Nectar for breakfast
The bliss of working at dawn
First sight of Varanasi
Descending from Khardung la
Full of colours indeed!
Paradise on the Indo   Chinese borders
Boy and the blurring checks
Walking into the dark mist at twilight
Along the contemporary traditions
Krishna's introspection
On the Zorro laid roads of the Himalayas
Battered with colours
The emotions around Duryodhana..
Another day begins..
The essense of Kashi
Smiles that reveal his true sleep
Miles up for the smiles
Alpines, Rocks, Dust and then the sight of snow!
Apprehensions as a new journey begins!
Summer elation
Spectacled Cobra
Perfect place for a noon shade
Cables, energy and the solar power
Fishing at the silky waters
The girl with the glow!
Children of Pelling
It is all about super heroes... ain't it?!
The lady with the suspending mouth
6 beautiful years!
Charming and in pink!
Touching the lines of light!
Gangtok, "Paradise of the east"!
Naturally, in green!
My Ammamma.. forever.
A big leap for a small guy
Dhobi and his Grandson
Sailing across the golden Ganges
Meditative and in trance
This is where the Himalayas end at the east!
The crossing
Morning with the Gulls and Ganges