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Tommorow's farmers
Contrasting neighbours
Cloudy noon at the lotus pond
Swirling and smiling
Moods of the Madras Rains
Clouds above Mylapore
Giggles on seeing the funny frog!
A cloudy sunday at Madras
The hungry buck!
Rains at a crowded Marina
Holi aftereffects
Empty stands on a rainy day
After rains at Chepauk
The Kuttanad morning!
Kickstarting the harvest season!
Simply at ease in front of the camera!
Can calmness prevail for atleast few minutes?
Bending towards the tropical jungle
The little peep towards the stranger
Under the shade!
Living at the chambers of Thirubhuvanam temple
Farmhouse Buddies
Did I say.. I am the coolest?!
There it is... the pigeons of Darasuram!
One elegant glance!
In his own dreamy world...
Ambiguity over getting caught
Evening at the Kochi waters
The harvest begins
Towards the divine light
In search of Shaivism
The mighty Aanchu, his hero!
The quick lap to the Cholan era
With his bare hands, as the time moves on...
Mist around the rainforests
Outcomes of a boring noon
The noble traveller
The medieval feel of Kunnakudi
Predominantly in pink!
Sad eyes of the Pug fellow
A life dedicated to Kambahareswara
Aww... He loves travelling!!