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On a cloudy day at Phily
Brazing the snow storm
In between an Indian journey
Like the steam engine..
Finally its snow time.. Can I go out now?
Morning song of a boatman
First few steps on the snow
The joy in feeling the first drizzle
45 degrees tilt of a 29th floor bungee jumper
Snowflakes effect
Snow at the Traditions
Eyes of the hulk
Whispering white woods
Parallels of NY
Too much indoors
Shoveling the snow on a stormy day
Cute little lamb
Morning at the gullies
Intricasies of the Kasi chambers
Subtle nuances
Sunrise from India's tip
Serenity at twilight
Return of the warrior prince
Edge of a concrete jungle
Morning at the golden waters
Holding the baton
Lonely in a medieval winter
Mary had a "little lamb"!
Just about to braze the Chillness
That prodigious gem!
In Absolute Synch
Twilight buddies
Sweeping in a mysterious winter morning
Fishing at twilight
Morning scenes at Manikarnika
New resolutions
The flow of a bearded musician
The lone fisherman
Raga expressions
Releasing the nets
Oh Bhima! Show your valour!
The kite runners of Kashi