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Alternate world fishing
The Dancing God
Kerala Kathakali Center
Karu to Leh.. at the roadside
Smiles... all so pretty!!
Merak to Chushul, simply mindblowing!
Cheers again... Warrior prince!
The Ladakhian terrain
With Simbi, the baby lion!
Descending from Khardung La
Golden waters fishing
Lives at the borders
Remains of the Yak
Behind the translucent pink
At the window side.. in Leh!
Football at Marina
Tender coconut, on the move!
Hanle to Loma, on a Silk route
Eyes of virtue
Time for the stalls to close!
Swinging with the breeze
Madras Rains
"Pelting the stone on the Jackal doggy?!" Oh Yeah!
Old school of anxiety
Life is beautiful
Old enough for a painted moustache
Boys can also be shy!
2 eyes and all the colours
With Storm in the beckoning, just back in time..
Friends and smiles
Upside towards the bottom
Getting Cornered
Back to their land
Quintessential morning in Marina
2 friends, 4 eyes and 2 different outlook
When Shiva and Rama met each other..
Tummies of Pulikali
Dressed as the goddess of knowledge and art!
Mahabali's deep introspection
Lifelines of Marina
Back to shores on a cloudy morning