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Monsoon hues
Yumthang roadscapes
Washing away at Ganges
The turn of the Washerwoman
Spiritual incenses
Moist memories
Kashi Blues
Dreams at Ganges
Winter at the Gullies
Medieval world
The chosen one
Spreading peace and goodwill
Quite an evening for fishing!
Checking his peer
Cleanliness at the brink of twilight
Morning at the vegetable market
Boatman's noon song
Seeking help to climb the steep steps
The pan shop
The ear hair removal scheme
Too quirky for such a tall profile!
Hard life around the golden
Sprinting in shallow waters
The bubble boy
Three headed spade
Perfect evening for cycling
Glancing back to the past
Lazy Bum
Blazing in glory
Merging with the greens
At the break of dusk
Siberian stare
Standing rapt in awe
Ready for invasion
Bubbles at Sunset
Twilight catch
Sailing towards light
Smiles of the Polar Bear
Feel of the wet sand
Blending with the contemporary
Wandering lights of nature