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Amidst the concrete jungle
Feeling the shadows of dusk
Seeing herself in New York
Poetry with the nature
Glowing in twilight
Dissolving into the dusk
Lazy Bum
The Ripplemaker
Mr. Seetharama Iyer
Daddy's little angel
Little Golgoppa
Conversations over the wet sand walk
Fishing at Manasquan
Morning chores at Taj
Dad's time with the daughter
Third of the Sadhu
Barefoot on the blazing waters
Lights and shadows interplay
Fading blaze of the dusk
Shore side fishing
Wandering Devout
Calm with the flow
Riskiest business
The leader of the kuravan clan
Tango for Taj
In the path of light
Barren hues of Yumthang
Echoes of the Mughals
Ibrahim Bhai
Kutchian innocence
Monsoon hues
Yumthang roadscapes
Washing away at Ganges
The turn of the Washerwoman
Spiritual incenses
Moist memories
Kashi Blues
Dreams at Ganges
Winter at the Gullies
Medieval world