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Kutchian Camel Rider
Search for the high altitude shelter
Somewhere near Wall street?
Catching the attention
Lines of Symmetry
Snack time
Evening walk in Brooklyn
Dances with the setting sun
The hungry Bobcat
Best of swimmers
Anything for that sight
Climbing down
Raising a toast
The day's last peck on the cheek
King sized position
Autumn like Spring
Buzzing around his bud
On top of his own world
East of the Himalayas
Mumma's boy!
NewYork at Night
Virutham moments of the Sangeetha Kalanidhi
Naturally exotic
Following the light
Beauty of Cape May
Being blessed to be there
Pedalling towards destiny
Is that a shooting star?
At the edges of the northeast
Isles of the heaven
Cycling the paths of unknown
Crossing thoughts
Dreams of a third world
Always with you
Enduring togetherness
Ammi, I love you!
Rocks, pebbles and the flow of water
For that one last sight
Waiting for his boat, on a chill winter morning!
Frills of North Sikkim
Eyes of Compassion