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The big leap towards Lanka
Proud about his schooling
Farming in the morning mist
Introducing little Sahana
The Madras fishermen
The first sight of Karakoram ranges
Feeling the raindrops
The 3 big bummies!
Morning with Mumma'
The Caretaker
Nature, drizzle, mist and the pure joy!
Innocence with splashes of pink
Wooden rafting in Parambikulam waters
Curving into the jungle
The "meesai" rickshawman
Gravitating above Marina
Anxiety before the make up session
7:15 am, around the stillwaters
Morning duties
Just about for some fresh beginning
Start to the sea
Friends and Frolic!
Neeye... Meenakshi, Kamakshi, Neelayadakshi...
Pause on the mischief and here is the good boy!
Made of Silver
Carrom at the gullies!
Header on!
Climbing the holy steps
The crazy metallic man
Colours everywhere and nowhere to run!
Freakin' fun!
Blues beckons!
Simply the coolest Holi
Get ready for the color splurge!
Getting drier and dense
Like the twist of the Dolphin
Deep inside Parambikulam
Transition to Panchamam
Cycling on the shores
Through the translucent light
Ripples of heaven