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Naturally, in green!
My Ammamma.. forever.
A big leap for a small guy
Dhobi and his Grandson
Sailing across the golden Ganges
Meditative and in trance
This is where the Himalayas end at the east!
The crossing
Morning with the Gulls and Ganges
Waiting time
The winter dip
Chants of the medieval times
Alone in the alley
Giggles of the Waterfall girls
Just pure innocence
On meeting a much bigger man
Friends on a foggy morning
Up tight and in concentration
Flowing like a river
Duryodhana's confidence
Moments before the big stage act
Keechaka's pride
In pursuit to perfection
Bheema's impulse
Krishna's perspective
Two sides of an artistic motion
The autumn fall
The wanderer of the North East
Layered valley of Singhik
A meditative setting
A long train journey is always fun!
On the way to Gurudongmar
With his favorite teacher
Like the laughing Buddha
Cold morning at Assi ghats
Shine on you crazy diamond
Layers of fragility
When journey is the only constant!
Coping up with current times
Wickedly cool!
Wrinkles.. his lifelines and hardships
On the ground, hailing.. Oh lord!