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Shadows of legacy
2 June 2020

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Canyon adventure
31 May 2020

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Three stories
30 May 2020

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From below
27 May 2020

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The cute cry!
26 May 2020

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Saramati strains
18 May 2020

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14 April 2020

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Abhishek’s Thodi
26 February 2020

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Like a Diamond
18 February 2020

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11 July 2019

Recent Comments

Michael Rawluk on Rajasthani Haveli
That is wonderful. Love the black and white.

omid on Rajasthani Haveli
Wonderful !!!!!

Ana Lúcia on Rajasthani Haveli
I like the angle from below.

Siepi on Rajasthani Haveli
Squaire, well seen, beautifully framed. Great shot!

Le Krop on Rajasthani Haveli
Superbe résultat.

Existence Artistique on Rajasthani Haveli
bien cette contre plongée

Ralf Kesper on Rajasthani Haveli
Top symmetrie. Well done!

Blikvanger on Rajasthani Haveli
Very good discovery. Beautyful spots are everywhere,, but you have to make an effort to see them.

Existence Artistique on Canyon adventure

Florence on Canyon adventure
Out of the ordinary. Even extraordinary!

Ana Lúcia on Canyon adventure
Great view and fantastic silhouette.

Ralf Kesper on Canyon adventure
Nice portrait in a great scenery.

fateme@@ on Three stories

Dimitrios on Three stories

Annierita & Annisabelle on Three stories
Beautiful picture, like in a theatre show. Annierita

Ana Lúcia on Three stories
An elegant work on these silhouettes! Beautiful B/W.

Existence Artistique on Three stories
bel effet sous cette perspective

helys on Three stories

Ralf Kesper on Three stories
Great framing and contrasts.

Anna Cherer on Three stories
Excellent !

Paleblue Photography on Aging with experience
Beautiful B&W portrait.

Roland Theys on Aging with experience
wonderful shot.

Existence Artistique on Aging with experience

Ana Lúcia on Aging with experience
Looks like he could tell stories...

beach on Aging with experience
Nice portrait

Ralf Kesper on Aging with experience
Top double portrait. Great faces!

Dimitrios on Aging with experience

: Helen : on On the face
Love this portrait! The light is fabulous and he is beautifully framed. Congratulations!

Existence Artistique on On the face
belle prise avec ce regard

Ana Lúcia on On the face
I like how the black and white accentuates the expressions you've caught them in.

beach on On the face
Strong portrait

Ralf Kesper on On the face
Top portrait

Dimitrios on On the face
an excellent portrait

Ana Lúcia on Storm beckons
B/W is a right choice in this shot.

Existence Artistique on Storm beckons
belle barque

Anna Cherer on Storm beckons
Beautiful composition in BW !

Dimitrios on Storm beckons
very good

Ralf Kesper on Storm beckons
Very nice monochrome.

Florence on Dreaming Taj
Superb of course! You are the Master of photography.

Ralf Kesper on Dreaming Taj

Existence Artistique on Dreaming Taj

Paleblue Photography on Canyon shadows
Stunning landscape!

Ralf Kesper on Canyon shadows
Great landscape. Excellent b/w.

Dimitrios on Canyon shadows

Siepi on Canyon shadows
Great depth, B&W gives it more caracter.

Existence Artistique on Canyon shadows

Ana Lúcia on Outstretched Palms

Alan Creation on Outstretched Palms
Un sage, très beau portrait.

beach on Outstretched Palms
Good portrait

Paleblue Photography on Outstretched Palms
Wonderful B&W!

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