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Hope amidst chaos
22 February 2018

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Rounded in Red
15 February 2018

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Dressed like a Tiger
1 February 2018

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Strings Attached
13 January 2018

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Light your bulb
12 January 2018

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Nooks of Benaras
27 November 2017

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On completing the trail
4 October 2017

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26 September 2017

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Some company, on air..
19 March 2017

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on The drama queen and the makeup artist
oh belle complicité

Olivier P on The drama queen and the makeup artist
Love this catch...and the tittle is simply PERFECT !!! Great job !

Annima on The drama queen and the makeup artist

Ronnie 2¢ on The drama queen and the makeup artist
What a superb moment to catch - love it ! *****.

Michael Skorulski on The drama queen and the makeup artist
This is priceless. 5*

Joyce on Hope amidst chaos
Yes. Thank you for posts like this that sooth, inspire, remind and instill peace.

Amadeus on Hope amidst chaos
really very best

Annima on Hope amidst chaos

Existence Artistique on Hope amidst chaos

Olivier P on Hope amidst chaos
Very graphic shot ! Great cach ! well done !

Existence Artistique on Camouflaging to perfection

Joyce on Rainforest material
This is wonderful in every way. The silvery aura of the fur, and pose and surroundings.

Existence Artistique on High five for eternity

Joyce on High five for eternity
Oooh powerful title! And a glorious capture. It must be the same one I saw! Check my page a few posts back.

Michael Skorulski on High five for eternity
Super image with a great title.

omid on High five for eternity
:) such beautiful composition, tones & lights! Lovely silhouettes!

omid on Rainforest material
such beautiful composition, focus, tone & lights! L O V E L Y !

Ana Lúcia on Rainforest material
Great capture - I'm jealous!

Existence Artistique on Rainforest material
superbe ce bleu

Michael Skorulski on Rainforest material
He looks so timid and beautiful.

Existence Artistique on Sounds of nature

Anne on Sounds of nature

Olivier P on Sounds of nature
A very graphic and esthetic shot ! Well done !

albert on Wandering woods
Very nice. Congrats!

Ana Lúcia on Reticence
A marvelous image and lizard.

Existence Artistique on Reticence

Ana Lúcia on One itchy guy
A really lovely cat. :)

MAU on One itchy guy
Genial. Bien capturado ese momento. No fácilmente repetible.

Existence Artistique on One itchy guy

Martine Libouton on One itchy guy

Dimitrios on One itchy guy
brilliant, supper moment

Dimitrios on Rounded in Red
very good

Existence Artistique on Rounded in Red
belle cercle de lumière

Existence Artistique on Quite some sleep
oh superbe ces couleurs de rose

Ana Lúcia on Quite some sleep
The colors and texture...phenomenal.

omid on The twilight song
L O V E L Y !!!!!

Existence Artistique on The twilight song
belle et agréable

Joyce on Waiting for his prey
Maybe not. He's beautiful and has a "good to be alive" look on his face. Love this capture!

Existence Artistique on Waiting for his prey

Amadeus on Tomorrow remains
very best

Le Krop on Tomorrow remains
Superbe image *****

Anita on Might of the mountains
Nicely done selective focus, colors, composition.

Anita on Tomorrow remains
very nice

Existence Artistique on Tomorrow remains

Anna Cherer on Tomorrow remains
Beautiful composition of trees and human silhouettes in sunset colors !

Sam on A year of sunshine
So sweet. All the best. :)

Sam on Light your bulb
Beautiful. Lovely. :)

Sam on The Emperor
Wonderful composition. :)

Sam on The full circle
Great shot. :)

Sam on Dreams and the skies
What a beautiful scene. A fine shot. :)

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