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Symmetry of the Mughals | Mughalian pride | Whispers in the tomb | Moody Fonthill | Arches of the Mughals | Kingdom of Mewar | Monument at night | On the waterfront | Walk across the Arches | Heights | Above and intricately | Pausing an era | Lights from above | Oneness | Trinity chambers | Golden dawn | 3 to 3 to 3:03 | Pinnacle | Santhome Basillaca | Maulaa.. | Behind the Taj | Good Morning Havelock | Noon at the Taj | Light from above | Arches of the Mughals | Chateau staircase | Breakers reading corner | Staircase to luxury | Glitters of the Breakers | Royal room with a view | Stairway to 18th century | Joy in the air | The grand staircase | Stories of the Cholan era | Golden Arches of the Taj | Arches and the Taj | Mughalian intricasies | Peace, harmony and love | Liberation | Huddled up in the barren | New perspective of the Haveli | Exquisite structures | Intricate artwork | Snapping the Mughalian Arches | Above Ground Zero | Like the king of an Empire | Symbolizing liberty | Somewhere between the arches | Twilight chants in the name of the Allah | Arches of the Mughals | A thousand pigeons, prayers and the sunset | There it is... the pigeons of Darasuram! | The quick lap to the Cholan era | Secrets of the Cholas | Into the chambers of Lord Thyagraja! | Reminiscences of the Cholas | Sunset silhouettes of the masjid! | The lone Pallava Warrior! | From the backside of Taj | Flight of the Allah's Bird | Exploring the Humayun's Tomb | Walk on the Mughalian Corridors! | From the side of the Masjid | Intricately, With love! | On top of Old Delhi | Fine Morning at the Red fort | The divine twilight | Face to face with the Taj | Entering into the Jama Masjid | Climbing up the Buland Darwaza | From the garden behind the Taj | The Sufi Wanderer and the Masjid | Climbing up the Humayun's Tomb | Floating on top of Old Delhi | The Epic Sunrise | The time of the messengers of god | Arches of the Mughals | Pigeons, Dawn and the Divinity | Twilight blues and the wonder | Reflections of a divine feeling | Mughalian Symmetry | Conference of the birds | Cutting edge architecture | Monsoon strikes the Pallavan beauty | The "Pancharathas" on a rainy day | Vertical reflections of the Monument | Like in the Arabian Nights... | Walking around the Cholan monument! | Mughal in the morning mist | Flying through the corridors! | Perspectives of Brihadeeshwara! | Bridging NY! | Pride of Manhattan | Magnitude of the Empire state building! | Shore Temple, on a rainy day! | Entering into the chambers of Kapaleeswarar | Echoing the Gregorian Hymns.... | Standing with pride | Scaling the Zenith! | Precision and Intricasy | Hoysala's pride! | Unbelievably intricate in details | Entering into the Somnathpur Temple! | Symetrical pillars at Kancheepuram | Gates of Kapaleeshwara! | Magnitude and Tones of the Brihadeeshwara | Living at the edge! | Straight into the eyes of the Moghul! | Up, close and Magical! | The Mughal in the morning mist! | Good morning! "Taj" | Taj and the eco-unfriendly! | Golden Hues and the Mughal Wonder | Absolute Symetry! | Romancing the Taj from behind the trees! | Taj through the 3 inch hole! | Perspective from the second corner | When dreams become reality! | The Taj, the explorers, the hues and the legend! | Seems like quite a Fairy Tale... | Taj!!! Quite naturally on the spotlight! | Cycling past the Taj! | Distant echoes of the Taj! | Absolutely spellbinding! | Wah! Taj...! | A piece of art! | Raja Raja Cholan's Pinnacle! | Into the Cholan chambers! | Exquisite interiors of Moti Mahal! | On the "Sani Pradhosham" | The "Gangaikondacholapuram" craftsmanship! | When the Cholan moments stood still | Tanjore tones! | Gateway to the Cholan magic! | Blues of Tanjore! | In search of immortality | The Patteeshwaram "Gopuram" at twilight! | Insights into the "Gopuram"! | The Dynamic "Brihadeeshwara" Temple! | Phenomenally intricate in details! | Remains of the Cholan Era!! | Majestic in twilight | Intricate details of the City Palace | Entering into the fort | The Haveli Window! | Deserted tones of Jaisalmer! | Trekking the pulsating chatris | Magnificient Mehrangarh! | Arches of the Rajputana | The Desert Royale | Exploring the lesser known space... | Intricate inside view at Mehrangarh! | Kingdom of Mewar, 2008 | Chatris of Heaven | Lake Palace at twilight! | Perspectives of the lost paradise | Rich in details! | Jain Temples of Jaisalmer | One of those mornings when I floated in thin air! | Exploring the abstract brilliance of Badabagh... | Unsymetrical brilliance of Badabagh! | Where "Konjam Nilavu" prevailed! | Bylakuppe Monastry | Corridor of a weaver's house! | Vaidheeshwaran temple | Standing tall | Chettinad corridor - "Mitham" | St. Angelo's fort, Cannonore Dist. | Cathedral near Grand place | Another perspective of the Egmore Museum | Chandralekha! | Intricated patterns on the wall | Shore temple from behind the bush | Shore temple of Mahabalipuram | Return to Archive

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