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Madras morning | Cochin canvas | New Yorker on flight | Driving through a stormy day | Rainy day in Madras | Cloudy day at the beach | Thousands of Snowflakes | Jumpers | The last peek of the windmill | Late noon banter | Bay area | Friends | The summer challenge | Evening at the pier | Violet walls | Bird eye view of Long Island | Two under the bridge | The Shine | In gold | Freedom swing | Moonlight in Manhattan | Evening palette | Landing into SFO | Walking with the fading light | Evening and in between | Central Park | Downtown SFO | On a windy viewpoint | Wandering clouds | Twin peaks | Downtown Boston | Boston times | Elevation | Evening exploration | Walk across the esplanade | Morning drive | Phily blues | Monsoon blues | Monsoon in Manhattan | Night crawlers | A cloudy evening in Manhattan | Redefining itself | Walk to the dip | City lights on! | Citylights | San Francisco hues | Positivity | Brooklyn’s finest | Millions of shining neon lights | On top of the world | The Emperor | Dense concrete jungle | Made in Manhattan | Two under the bridge | Cruising through the Opera house | Good evening Shols | Greens amidst concrete | Empire through a pin hole | City Hall | Double rainbow across the Golden Gate | NY at twilight | Evening at SFO | The fisherman's wharf | Towards the crooked street | San Francisco Baby! | On a rainy night | Rainy day at Baker's beach | Rainy night at the bridge | Into the sea at twilight | The expert fisherman | Snapping a groupie! | Foliage | From across the Hudson | Urban calling lights | At the waves... | Bracing NYC | Sailin' across Hudson | Amidst the concrete jungle | Glowing in twilight | Endless play of the sun | The enlightened one | The chase at the shore | Clouds and rays for company | Up from the streets of NY | At the tip for the Sunset view | Missing their two companions | Somewhere near Wall street? | Lines of Symmetry | Evening walk in Brooklyn | NewYork at Night | Canals around LA | Above the murky Manhattan skyline | On a cloudy day at Phily | Parallels of NY | Edge of a concrete jungle | Time enabled graffitti | Mylapore hues | Drizzles at Marina | Dark clouds spread along the Madras coast | Moods of the Madras Rains | Clouds above Mylapore | Rains at a crowded Marina | After rains at Chepauk | Evening at the Kochi waters | The boys of Fort Cochin | Cycling on the shores | The drizzle effect | Above the murky Santhome | The Beach Road just before the downpours | Madras Monsoon! | Welcome to Madras | The Adyar Bridge | Flying above Madras, just after the rains! | On a rainy day, Marina in Sepia! | The Peeragarhi Morning! | Aerial view of Chandni Chowk | Twilight Joggers of Delhi | A Delhi roadscape at dusk | Mesmerizing morning at Delhi | Motoring his way towards Besant Avenue | Towards Napiers at Twilight | Bhogi morning at RK Salai | Chennai morning on a horse | "Suda Suda..." Chennai Corn! | Evening twilights at Elliots Beach | Fog, Lights and the Bridge | Smog, Colours and Crackers! | Just after Deepavali!! | Rainy times at Kochi | Trails of the Madras Aadi Season | Getting ready for the Sunday Evening | Lightning at the Signal! | Zipping past the Velachery Bridge | Capturing the Urban Edge | Into the Marina waters | Light at the end of the bridge | Streaks of lights scross the bridge | Coloured nights of Madras | Perspectives from George Street! | Getting a grip of the mystic Manhattan | East side of the Manhattan | The White House | Filling up the tube | The guardians of NY | The NY Skyline | Perspectives of the Manhattan | The flight has landed | Where the soldiers rest in peace | Evening walk at the Brooklyn bridge | Divine driving on a Bhogi Morning | Powergrids and the swamps! | Empowering the Sun | At the wake of a rainy twilight | On the Bhogi Morning at Madras | Glitters as she walks around the Opera house | Shouting out loud at the George Street! | From the other side of the Harbour bridge! | Twilight pallete from the Darling Harbour | Falling down into Macquarie Street | From beneath the bridge | Turning the Sydney Skyline into gold | Bridging the bigger city gaps | Nature's pallette at its best at Darling Harbour | Rainy day at Milson's point | Romancing Sydney! | Way to the spectacular Urban sight! | The geometry of the harbour bridge | Jazzin' up in the night! | The Sydney Blues | Splashin' up at Bronte! | Jazz, Twilight lighting and that Ferry ride | Up, close and personal | Harbour Bridge at Twilight! | The Evening at Darling Harbour! | I am waiting for the moonlight' | The city painter's cycle | Pulling the cart forward | Beaming past the bridge! | Magical palette of Marina Colours! | Essentially Jaisalmer! | Timeless, Vintage and Still.. | At the station | On rails... | Ice house, Chennai | Evening sky from the terrace! | Colourful mess on a cloudy day at Marina! | Old man at the top of Thiruttani | Harbouring the crowd | A new beginning | Lighthouse, Marina | Race past time in true sense! | Stranded alone! | Zoomin' past the beach road | Madras TV Tower | The day's catch, Marina | Landing at the Beach | Just about when it starts to drizzle! | On a rainy evening | After twilight at the Beach road | Terrace and the clouds | Cloudy and a dark evening | The Ending | One more capture on the smoky construction site! | In front of the eyes of nature... | Memorial at the Elliots beach! | Cycling past the power grids | Last peep before the descend | All is bliss... All is bliss... | Power | Sunset across a construction site | Red hot! | Napier's bridge - A different perpective | Napier's bridge at twilight | Return to Archive

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