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Back to the banks | Banks of river Ganga | Leap | Walking through Darasuram corridors | Thamarabharani shadows | The little nomad | Crazy on colors | Gold searchers | Into the Bay of Bengal | Thousand prayers | Alone and barefooted | Back to the banks | Cousins | Hand in hand | Crab pickers | Blues baby | Hiding from colours | The sleepy cook | Happiness within | Blues all over! | Paint the blues | Little colorful giggles.. its holi time! | Foot traveller | Dragging the striped boat | Little Crab Hunters | The bliss of rains at the beach | Morning fishing chores | Just getting into some risky business | Back to the shores | Tick tock | At the edge | The merger at the canyons | Meeting place | Goddess in green | Window-side | Evening tales | Maheshwari, the saviour! | Connections to God | A path towards destiny & faith | Walking under the bridge | Mystic morning at the Raja Ghats | Noon dip at Ganges | Beyond eternity | Spiritual incenses | Morning at the vegetable market | Kutchian Camel Rider | Waiting for his boat, on a chill winter morning! | The evening sip | Lonely in a medieval winter | Free artistic expressions | Sweeper and her supervisor | Rainy morning... yet some food for the pigeons | Alone on spine chilling, smoggy morning | Demon form to kill one | A new chapter... Simply Royal! | First sight of Varanasi | A big leap for a small guy | Sailing across the golden Ganges | Meditative and in trance | The crossing | Morning with the Gulls and Ganges | The winter dip | Like the laughing Buddha | Coping up with current times | Following the fog | The last sight of their dearest | Not the time to dry clothes | Walking through the foggy ghats | The rickshaw at the corner | Ginger tea in peak winter | A world where the time stands still | Prayers at the banks of Ganges | Twilight chants in the name of Mahadev | Doors of Sikkim | Calmness prevailed around Rumtek | Relishing every bit of his nomadic life | Living in the spine chilling edges | Colours of a Nomadic shelter | "Mathsya" | The rather timid "Ravanan"! | Remains of the Yak | Durga | 2 eyes and all the colours | Upside towards the bottom | When Shiva and Rama met each other.. | Tummies of Pulikali | Dressed as the goddess of knowledge and art! | Mahabali's deep introspection | Back to shores on a cloudy morning | Let prosperity bestow on you! | Celebrating the elephant god! | The Immersion | Giving back to the gods | The foreteller and her master | Holi aftereffects | In between the journey of the pilgrim | On the boats in azure watersx | Concentration during making up! | Morning duties | Start to the sea | Friends and Frolic! | Made of Silver | Climbing the holy steps | The crazy metallic man | Blues beckons! | Get ready for the color splurge! | Seeking Divinity at the tip | Dreams of a big catch | Imagining the inside from outside | The flower seller at Mylapore | In absolute silence | Path of a true Buddhist | In the direction of Buddha and peace | A bond beyond life! | The holy dip | Bowing down to 'Ganga' | Inside the submerged Temple | One by one, down the steps with a walking stick! | Waiting for his boat | The leap into the Ganges | Renounced and into a new world | Chants of the Monk... | The South Indian Idol | Prerequisites for the big catch | Krishna's friend | Rafting in search of fishes! | Cloudy morning at the mid-seas of Madras | Fishermen and the mid-sea blues | Getting into the golden waters at dawn | Checking out this captures | Quite a break from the morning cycling | Over 60 years of the Iyer Tea shop | Good morning Madras | The morning catchers | Evening Fishing at the lagoon waters! | Golden sparkles of an awesome Deepavali! | K & A United | The Bride | Fishing at Nelsons bay! | The king of "Airkick" | Into the morning waters of Marina | Dragging his catch | Another sunset across the Marina | Chill-out tones of the Pondy Beach | Evening at the waters of Nelsons Bay | Fun at the crystal clear waters! | Evening of fun with her dad! | A perfect aussie summer! | Evening fishing at the Nelsons Bay | Fetchin' a pail of water | Yo Bronte! Here I come! | In search of more fishes | Looking out for fishes! | "Yelelo... Yelo... Yelelo....." | The art of releasing the nets | Turtle man | Curiosity at the green getaway | Morning's catch at Marina! | The Curious Cart Puller | The Lord of Beginnings | Catch of the day | Tying up his boat | The Gompa at Kunzum La Pass! | Entering into the highest village | One cup of cardamom "chai" | Friendly times | Sparkling Festivity! | The 12 handed Goddess | The sight of the gods | The Rush | Getting ready for a fresh fishing session! | Exiting the house of the deity! | A cloudy noon's catch! | Evening chat at the dock! | The Royal White | Rowing past the Vembanad waters | Feel of the shores | In search of fishes... | On the banks of Vembanad lake... | Crosschecking the catch! | All praises to the lord | More of the banks of lake Picchola! | On the stone roads... | Moustache at rest! | After a successful first thrill ride! | Fest @ the 16 pillar Mandapam, Kapaleeshwar Temple | The Vaishnavaite Graffitti | Potter's day of work! | Beat of Chennai Sangamam! | Dance, Music and Carnival time... in Madras! | Hands of the potter when at his creative best | Through the walls of Mehrangarh Fort | Royal Reflections | Survivors of the Desert Storm | Heroine of the Puppet shows of Udaipur | Ad-House of sorts! | Journey across the Great Indian Desert | Reflections of the Mewarian Kingdom! | The Window Seat! | The "Rudraksh" man | Umbrellas of Ganesha! | Lotus boys! | The thirst of the "Siddhar" | Devotion and something beyond | Hands for thoughts | Pleading to the almighty! | Puppet of Lord Hanuman | Garlands at Thiruttani | Stairway to heaven | Smell of Tea | Early morning and into the sea! | On their special day... | "Buddham charanam gachaami...." | In the streets of Kushal Nagar | Morning walk in Coorg | For the Indian Prince | The Indian Woman (Theme - Colours of India) | The lost Kashmiri cap - (Theme - Colours of India) | The essence of Mylapore fine arts | Following the patterns | "Kolam" Patterns | Crab-catchers on work | Festival of lights | Ganesha and his umbrella! | The Mahut | Hare Krishna | Nuances of Sriranjini | In Trance - T.M.Krishna Live in Kalakshethra | Back to the shore! | Dusherra dolls on a row | Contemplating for a dip! | Just about to start another fishing session | Walking into the light | Silhoutte of the Thirukadaiyur temple | The treasurer's cubicle | Lord of the indian woods! | Bell | Painted Elephant! | Mylapore! | Candles | Kabaleeshwar Temple, Mylapore - Chennai | Purity | "Ratha" - Chariot of fire | Long long ago... | Tones of the tops | In Yellow | Return to Archive

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