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Shiva | Aging with experience | Snow on the walls | Abandoned doors | A long journey | The Psychic | Extraordinary for muggles | The leap of faith | Shadows in the alley | Like a dinosaur | Beasty grin | Life of a Sufi | Kochi yellows | Cricket on the ghat | Good morning | Post office on leave | Nooks of Benaras | Window side | Changing the grassroots | Vintage RR | Practising the twisted flip | Rural Blues | Vintage Merc | Winter at the Gullies | The pan shop | Morning at the gullies | Alone in the morning and taking a way | Older streets of Benaras | Dismantling the current session's catch | Morning at the flower market | Battered with colours | Waiting time | Alone in the alley | Fading way into the streets | Time for a shave | Morning walk across the gullies | Tied to his window | Hoping for some early sales | The morning huddle | Walking in the mist | Never is good to be chased by a dog! | Cricket in Kashi | At the narrow corners | Friends at the gullies | Waking up to be in ancient times | A cold morning at Manikarnika Ghat | The countless pigeons of Marina | Contrasting neighbours | Colours of the South Indian edge | The Madras fishermen | Being a brat! | The last Rickshawwala | Densely populated along the rocky terrain.. | Ravi's chai shop doesnt open too early! | After the twilight fishing session... | Respects to the Sun god! | Dusk hours at the gullies! | Through the gullies of Kashi | A chilly morning in one othe gullies | Diligence of the priest! | The feel of the Ganges! | The nap of the Babaji! | From one boat to the other! | Getting up late in Bodhi! | Next morning after Nilam! | The last sight of the gusty 'Nilam' | Getting closer to the cyclone! | During the cyclone Nilam! | The beach playground after the cyclone | Evacuation just before the cyclone! | When Nilam played around with the Oil Tanker | Not quite the Marina we know! | Elements of Nilam! | Outside an Adivaasi's house! | Old lady at house number 64! | Colours of the rural Marata! | Monolithic house | Golgoppaas'... on the move! | Mobile Pan at Chandni Chowk | Chanting "Jai Shree Krishna" | Doors of the Gokul Gullies | Bananas at Chandni Chowk | The lone fisheman of the 80s | The boy outside the pink house | Bicycle boys of Marina | The street gazer | The newspaper man | The old woman, the reds and the greens | Hazy, smoggy streets of Thiruvanmiyur | The news mart | Selling Tobacco Leaves | The shopkeeper's cycle | Guarding his green house | Relaxed out in the blues | Door No. 2/43 | Walking into the Wall Street | Face to face with the Manhattan Skyline | Lights on at 1:00 am | Upside down for life | Calmness around the Iwo Jima monument | Moving Talkies in the ages of the Blu-Ray | The whole bunch of little fellas | Fresh flowers at the Mada street | All locked up and its vacation time | Morning time at Mylapore | Selling balloons when supposed to play with one | The mango monger | Around the corner! | Connection at no-where! | A perfect place for a noon nap! | The door art by aging | All cosied up to beat the chill | The Door No.26 | Waiting for his turn | A Mechanical Life | The lone bicycle | Heart of a survivor | One of the unknown | Resting on the edges of the street | Smiles and the thirst! | Clothes for drying! | Combing his beard | Making up to play the common man! | In his Cart... his home... | Door to a traditional Kannadiga shelter | Quite not the Green house effect! | Reaching out for water! | Aging greens of Kancheepuram! | The Blue Door and the Ekambareshwara! | Door no. 29 : Blues! | On the streets from across East Mada Veedhi | Quite his home, the Mylapore temple | On the streets... quite actually his home! | Cycles at rest on a sunny day | Veteran Pied Piper of Karnataka! | On the streets of Mylapore... | Vintage Merc! | Getting ready for the balloon shoot! | The new biker! | Passion | Haircut on a Saturday Morning | Contemplating his destiny | Red says: "Roger Over!" "Code 1 2 3".... | Entering the Mada Street! | Fruits on wheels! | Driving a mini Vegetable shop! | The Sunday Morning Gossip | Feeding the fish! | The Rickshawala! | Haircut for the Big Ears! | Bus and the Carnival! | Mystery of the Mandore Jain Temples | Tantalizing Thavil | At the corner of South Mada Street! | The Observer | Cycling into the street corners | Entering the Mehrangarh Chambers! | Bicycle on the streets | Through the streets of Jaisalmer! | Strangled on the streets... got nowhere to go! | Defining the streets of Jaisalmer | Return to Archive

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