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Nubra roadscape | Deep sea venture | The Plunge | Snowfall beckons | A boatman’s wait | The game of shadows | Faith at the corners | Light play | Face to face with the Himalayas | Contrasting scapes | The Khardung ascend | Roadway to greater heights | The Farmer’s family | Valley girl | Alone in chillness | Around the Yumthang Valley | Creek at Zero! | From above the Himalayas | Ladakhian landscapes | Beneath the Leh Palace | Looming over Himalayas | On cloudy day at the pier | Way to Turtuk | Canyon textures | Dramatic Ladakh | The boatman | Canyon adventure | Utah from Arizona | Storm beckons | Canyon shadows | Temple architecture | Entering Bodhinayakanur | Western Textures | Cloudy noon in Madras | Remains | High dust | Freezing | Winter | Abandoned | Morning in the mist | Sojourn to the tip of India | Penance | Morning walk with his Dad | Himalayan shadows | Inside the temple chambers | The long wait | Living with nature | The fading reds | In between masses | Storm is on | Edge of Lachen | Shadows of the gods | Winter creek | Start of the gorge | Edge of the Himalayas | On the tree.. with the light | The lone stream | Barren layers | At the edge | Frills of the twilight | Remains of the Monument Valley | Amusement at the gorges | Roadway to the west | In between | Lament of the leaves | Organic designs | Echoes of the Navajo | Around his mumma’s arms | By Dad’s shoulders | Halo | Gorgeous Canyons | A Walk along the Atlantic backwaters | Taj from the fields | Snow pour | Taking off.. letting loose | Calmness at work | Downpour | Feeling the first drizzle | Vermont tales | First hour of light | Abandoned path | Fall diaries | Walking with the setting sun | On a snowy noon | Atlantic backwaters | Stormy day | Snow time! | At the edges | Outside blues | Silky edges | The rising | Keeravani connection | The Kashi dusk | Shadows and Sunset | Golden hours | Golden love | Positivity into two | In time for twilight | Hand in hand.. on the wet sand.. | The balancing act | Blessings from the sky | Coastal duties | The fun run! | Fun at the woods | Deep Foliage | Morning chores begins | Cloudy morning at Marina | Evening love | Humid evening | Alone in Manasquan | Canyons and the Powell | Up into the water spray | Rhythm of the biker | Echoes of a fine evening | Fishing in the misty sea | Breeze at the bay | A misty afternoon | Fetch a pail of water | Three | Noon tales | Into hiding | Caught in between | Reservoir woods | Evening skies at the dock | Evening traces of gold | Twilight moments | Searching in the dark | Alone in a windy evening | Beach day | Little feet love | Gap | Golden evening moments | Exotic Curves | Charles river esplanade | Painting the sky | Folding daylight | Lone light house on stormy noon | Evening with Ammi | Meeting place | Burning ball | The leap | Back after the morning sail | Fine Morning at Marina | Alone with the mist | The barefoot walk | Designed by nature | Back to the medieval age | Bend it along the curves | Canyon edges | A walk along the waves | Sailing towards the setting sun | Across the Ganges | Arches & the wind | Hymns of duality | Evening glaze | Gap on the Gorges | Walking barefoot | Canyon textures | Pat on Patriarchs | Peace waters | Towards Navajoland | Gorges of Page | Eye of the sun | Chasing the Canyons | Morning dreams | Calmness | Ray of postivity | Some Corner of the Canyons | Lonely morning | Gorge-ous | Soul seacher | Stormy noon at Madras | Under the bridge | In between.. | Zion scenic drive | Date with the ball of fire | Fishes of gold | Through the woods | Twilight walk | Island breeze | Serenity and poise | Race against the superior | Bushkill sides | Paradise fishing | Glowing around the Taj | Showing the way | Morning dip | Havelock diaries | Connecting with nature | Calmness of a lonely morning | Barefoot run | Alone in the morning backwaters | Windy evening | Playing with the Indian Ocean | Stepping into the remains | Back from heavenly work | Paradise waters | Pristine waters | Azure and the reds | Monsoon beckons | Morning glaze | With the wind and waves | Dawn duty | Glass walker | Edgy Blues | Twilight dip | Remains of the Angelo | Evening at Newport | Blue waters | The setting ball of fire | Work of light and time | Evening at Zion | Just Naturally | Path to Navajo Spirits | Magnetic | Sailing away into sunset | Loneliness | Siamese twins | Winning the race | Sailing across sunset | Sunset sailing | Twilight meet | Sails and the wind | Medieval tones | Bending at page | Barren chillness | Golden whispers | Sneak peek at the setting sun | Colors of the root | From Arizona to Utah to Colorado | Ammi’s Love | Open roof | Twilight breeze | Alone and making its presence felt | At the tip | Dream of the second Earth | Age of loneliness | Somewhere in the corners of Zion | Perspective | Smooth as silk | Western terrain | The View | Outlandish | Grandeur | Bending the gap | Tracker | Hermit in penance | Stripes of red and azure | Gold | Ray of hope | Canyons at twilight | Canyon frills | Passage to light | Mumma’s joy! | Other side of South Rim | Eagle View | Light Play | Embracing Red Earth | Horse path | Sunset hues across the Canyons | At the edge of South Rim | Silky patterns | Echoes of the Navajo chants | Exquisite terrain | Through the ear of the winds | Richness in texture | Along came the eye of the sun | Horseshoe hymns | Timelessness of the Navajo land | Monumental day | Frills of nature | Colors of the patriarchs | Sound of the winds | Sacred hymns of the Navajo | Light, curves and the flowing waters | Gap wide open | Watchtower | The View | Exquisite lights and glowing curves | Gorgeous gorges | Path to the Navajo chants | Enchanted | Glowing curls of the Antelope Canyons | Lady with the wind | Living at the edges | The Patriarchs | Bridegroom at the edge! | First sight of the Navajo spirits | Design by time | Quite a seat | Winds’ game | Light of the sands | Top of the Canyons | Colorado rising | When light and sand merge | Overcast skies at the bend | Overlooking diversity | Million years piece of work | Magical Zion | Ear of the winds | Special evening at the South Rim | Compassion | Glowing curves | Song of the Raven | Trails around the Horseshoe | Eye of the sun | Experiencing something profound | Spirit of the Navajo | Roadscape to the patriarchs | The Bend | Ray of the red earth | Along the muddy river | Priest’s life | Roadway to Chang La | Edges of the Ganges | Cloudy day at the seas | Ladakhian sojourn | Inner space | Farmer’s shelter | Lone fisherman | Paradise in hiding | 3 stripes and a dot | Barefoot on the wet sands | Colors of the rural | Capturing fire | First man on pier | Setting up the soil | The roundabout | King of the seas | Fragile space | Hope amidst chaos | High five for eternity | Sounds of nature | Tomorrow remains | The last chorus of the evening symphony | Wandering woods | Dreams and the skies | Reservoir biking | Snow art | Echoes of the temple corridors | Setting to rise | The last sunset | Fallen Leaf Lake | Two at the tip | Foggy curve | On the lake waters | Floating fog | Two at the edge | Snow-capped! | Touching the winter mist | Three, on a search.. | The sound of a flowing stream | Connecting the bay, so gloriously! | Ripples of a fallen leaf | Lake full of mist | Path to wilderness | 3 Muskateers and the jump! | Roadway to Tahoe | Bay breeze | A new hope | Shadows of the unknown | Shrouding all in it's mystique | Walk in the fog | Tranquility | Many layers underneath | In gold.. | Scaling the pinnacle | Symbolizing bond | Drifting mist | Gush of the falling waters | To the other side of Ganges | Ascending the Himalayas | Sweeping through Medieval times | On the banks of Ganga | Conversations with the above | Roadway to autumn | Vermont foliage | Hiding behind the yellows | Tunnel of trees | Path to the yellows | Hansel & Gretel | Autumn Song | Fading yellows | Falling in the dreams | Driving through central Vermont | Changing colours | Sleepy Hollow | Falling at the edges | Barren dreams | Through the falling yellows | Empty nets | Curving into the woods | Fading away with the light | Rainy day at the woods | Changing seasons | Blending with the deep | Following the fall | The scent of the first fall | Fire | Hulk illusions | Destination emotions | Himalayan edges | Living at the edge | Crossing waters | A fine morning | The little biker | Dust scapes on the way to Spiti | Mission accomplished | Walk in the bridge | Larger than life illusions | Blazing away in glory | Sunday noon, outside the church | Last ride before sunset | Branches of gold | Bracing the backwaters | Lord of the barren | Living somewhere in the Himalayas | Layers of sharp edges | Light through the morning fog | The 3 fishermen | Stripes of the sky | Reds and the ball of fire | Last glimpse of the glorious light | In company | 3 sides water and 1 side land | Companionship | Magic in the air | Shelter for the pilgrims | Thinking different | Garlands for the gods | Rocky terrain | Shooting star | Swing for the catch | Mystic dawn | Twilight Canoing | Endless Ripples | Sun + Rain = Colours | Cape Neddick | Cold water dive | Monkey trouble | Isolation | Stranger for a shelter | Flavor of a temple town | Rays through the fog | Millions of glitters and one blissful heave | House of a temple priest | Drifting morning mist | Hanuman's kingdom | Ride on the yellow light | Sunset pallette | Out from the deep | Moon for company | Serenity | Himalayan Textures | For the other side of Ganges | When past is still the present | Deep in the jungle | Devotion to nature | Returning to the shores | Sound of the Spitian stream | Morning retreat | Inner Ladakh | Amazing terrain of Nyoma | Whispering dunes | Valleys of Gangtok | Silhouettes at Clearwater | Yours affectionately... | Hues of the Clearwater | Cycling in white sands | Hues of glorious sunset | Dusty and barren | Beyond the fences | Catching the mighty | Solitude at the lake | Ladakhian textures | Ancient times | Explorers at twilight | At the Wharf... in the evening.. | Natural frills | Connecting with nature | In between the Himalayas... | Snow capped | Bonding with the roots | A kiss like a blessing | Water somewhere in the barren | Evening meetup | Sanfrancisco, on a rainy day | Landscapes of North Colorado | Somewhere above Utah | Monsoon down south | Surrounded by the border force | Towards the Chinese border | Across the shining waters | Fragile in snow | Who is getting the fishes? | Alone at the lake | Silhouettes on gold | On top of the pier in Monsoon | Along the barren | Colours of the seventh heaven | Endless greenery | Clouds loom over Tso Kar | Working at red atmosphere | Across strips of water by the thin strip of wood | Selling flowers on the Ganges | In search for the claws | Extraordinary setting for work | Fully covered on a Bhogi morning | Camels and the sunset hues | Arathi beckons | Early morning fishing | Barren strips of Tso Kar | Bending for the catch | Other side of reality | Himalayan Terrain | On the glittering yellow waters | Fall at the Delaware water gap | Papa and his girl | Sunset cyclist | Little feet | Barefoot on clearwaters | Music of the backwaters | Frills of Nyoma | Journey through the dunes | Descending from Taglang La | Climbing towards Khardung La | The boy and his camel | Clouds over Karu | Barren beauty | Natural strips of artistry | Ladakhian landscape | Mystic Leh | On the glittering Ganges | City on the sand | Evening with the camels | For the peace in the valley | Look who is on the streets! | Way across the narrow streets | Glimpses of the fall | Medieval hues | Morning walk across the gullies | Fading away with the last light | Chirpy evening | For each other | Above Tampa Bay | Dances with the evening breeze | Autumn textures | The lone fisherman at twilight | Journey of changing colours | A stroll in yellow woods | Pass time of pelting stones | Falling in gold | Letting loose his inhibitions | Fall Colours | Walk in the whispering woods | Capturing with his Grandma's stole | Road to sky | The yellow trail | Mystic world of Kashi | Learning time with Papa | Toast to a mersmeric setting | A Walk at Cheesequake | Foliage pallette | Snow capped terrains | The last light of the day | Ladakhian textures | Self indulgence | Back to waters before the storm | Feet on the wheel of light | All alone for some fish | Three cheers to twilight | Untamed tranquility | Awed by the final stretch of light | Celestial cycling | Rising sun | Thousands and thousands in sky | Snow capped edges | Song of the dusk | Evening with ammamma | In between the pillars | Playtime with Thatha | When the evening breeze set in | Feeling the shadows of dusk | Poetry with the nature | Dissolving into the dusk | The Ripplemaker | Daddy's little angel | Conversations over the wet sand walk | Fishing at Manasquan | Morning chores at Taj | Dad's time with the daughter | Barefoot on the blazing waters | Lights and shadows interplay | Fading blaze of the dusk | Shore side fishing | Calm with the flow | Tango for Taj | In the path of light | Barren hues of Yumthang | Monsoon hues | Yumthang roadscapes | Washing away at Ganges | The turn of the Washerwoman | Kashi Blues | Dreams at Ganges | Medieval world | The chosen one | Quite an evening for fishing! | Cleanliness at the brink of twilight | Boatman's noon song | Hard life around the golden | Sprinting in shallow waters | Perfect evening for cycling | Blazing in glory | Merging with the greens | At the break of dusk | Standing rapt in awe | Bubbles at Sunset | Twilight catch | Sailing towards light | Feel of the wet sand | Wandering lights of nature | Crossing under the bridge | Friends forever | Shadowing his mom | Two's Twilight | Flashes of Red out of nowhere | Roads to the Himalayan Alpines | Dances with the setting sun | Anything for that sight | King sized position | East of the Himalayas | Naturally exotic | Following the light | Being blessed to be there | Pedalling towards destiny | Is that a shooting star? | At the edges of the northeast | Isles of the heaven | Cycling the paths of unknown | Dreams of a third world | Always with you | Rocks, pebbles and the flow of water | For that one last sight | Frills of North Sikkim | Camels at the coast | Roadscapes of Yumthang | The boatman's wait | Alone in the streets on a winter morning | Blues around the Gullies | Rowing a large caterpillar | 4 on the sunset trail | On top of Arizona | For the love of nature | Exploring Sandy Hook | Catching up for some family time | Sandy's twilight hues | Lighthouse reflections | Running after the fading yellows | At the hook.. looking for that moment.. | Bringing the promise of the next dawn | Flying at the edges of Arizona | February times | Clouds loom over northwest Madras | Snowy times | Unwinding a few fishes | Another morning at the Madras coast | Born to see that sunrise | Snowy reflections | Madras Monsoons | Perseverance | Alone in the twilight chillness | Rainy day at the backwaters | The 2 at the Neil pier | Morning with the wild | Barefoot into the lake | A cloudy day at Kanyakumari | Brazing the snow storm | In between an Indian journey | Morning song of a boatman | First few steps on the snow | The joy in feeling the first drizzle | Snow at the Traditions | Whispering white woods | Shoveling the snow on a stormy day | Sunrise from India's tip | Serenity at twilight | Morning at the golden waters | Just about to braze the Chillness | Twilight buddies | Sweeping in a mysterious winter morning | Fishing at twilight | Morning scenes at Manikarnika | The lone fisherman | Releasing the nets | The smoggy morning in Varanasi | At the bank of the Ganges at Twilight | A teacher, on the way to work! | Friends in the fog | Enchanting evening at the backwaters | At the eastern side of Kashi | There comes the company! | Tomatoes in the morning | Oh Manikarnika, release me! | Sights of a spine-chilling morning | The corner side flower shop | In tune with nature | The man from the fog | The Sprinter | Somewhere between the deep | Waiting for the right time | Glass walking | Towards the horizon at the break of dawn | Fishing in heavy rains | Launching the nets | Daily meeting place at Monsoon | The havelock evening | An evening to remember | On top of Andamans | Thats what you call a perfect family jump | Golden water fishing | Fields near the Taj | Beneath Taglang La | Beach dancing | Rains at the edge | Monsoon and the Marina Boys | Above North Madras | Smoke break during fishing | The lone fisherman on the golden waters | Special evening for the two | Searching for the bigger crabs | Something fishy at the glass beach | Quite a landing.. Huh?! | From darkness into light, in a matter of seconds.. | The Havelock sunrise | Two for life... | The "dawn time" fishermen | The Beach Boy | Life at Neils | Perfect setting for some snorkelling... | Let there be glory! | One foggy morning on the banks of Ganges | The two on a perfect beach day | Alone in Paradise | Monsoon moments at Allepey | Believe me.. It is indeed Chennai! | Drawn to the waves | Glimpses of a nameless paradise | Just when they reached the shores, it rained! | Pamban Moments! | Just when it started to pour! | Calmness after the storm | The perfect morning | Calm turquoise waters | Jungle on one side... Beach on the other... | Spotted something on the shores! | First attempt into the sea waters | Another day in paradise for the fisherman... | Tones of that tilt in axis | Rocks, waves and the azure beach! | Blissful moments at Neil | Rainy evening at Corbyn's! | Walking on glass | Nature's design in bridging gaps | Two men at the dock | A lullaby at Sunset | Flying above the North Andamans | The guy with the yellow raincoat | Along the azure waters | The Kalapathar sunrise | The 5 o'clock Sunrise! | Little Reds amidst the Azure blues | Lost in paradise | Frills of ecstasy | Tea tones | A Kochi evening to remember | Back on time, before the clouds close in.. | Fine morning at Kuttanad | Fresh vegetables... On the streets! | Quintessentially, Kerala! | Back into the waters | In India, Cricket is a religion | Twilight boating at Ganges | Hoping for fishes in the glittering waters | Colours behind the evening fishing | Noon at the backwaters | Golden Glittering Backwaters | Racing against the monsoon! | Mesmeric Calmness | Roadway to the absolute edge | Golden ripples around a meticulous fisherman | The gaint leap across the backwaters | Monsoons beckon | Face on face with another boat | Fishing in pouring rain | Rowing into the baclwaters | Two fishermen on a boat | Monsoon fishing | Distant echoes of a lone fisherman | Resonating tranquility | The boatman at the edge | Connecting to the tree of life | Before the big heave | The rising Madras sun! | Summertime... when the weather is fine... | Across Ganga and the Kashi smog | Quintessential Madras Morning | Yet another blissful morning! | Another mesmerizing morning | The net adjustment | Morning chores of the washerwoman | Solitude at twilight | The bliss of working at dawn | Descending from Khardung la | Paradise on the Indo - Chinese borders | Walking into the dark mist at twilight | On the Zorro laid roads of the Himalayas | Another day begins.. | The essense of Kashi | Alpines, Rocks, Dust and then the sight of snow! | Perfect place for a noon shade | Fishing at the silky waters | Gangtok, "Paradise of the east"! | Naturally, in green! | This is where the Himalayas end at the east! | The autumn fall | Layered valley of Singhik | A meditative setting | On the way to Gurudongmar | Cold morning at Assi ghats | Layers of fragility | The feel of ancient India | Winter times in the ganges | Waiting for his master | Morning men of the gullies | The first lone boatman | Kashi at Sunset | Twilight bath at the Ganges | Setting behind the traditions | At the break of the Ganges dawn | Time for the "Ganga Aarathi" | Terrains around Gurudongmar | Feeling above the world | A terrain full of curves! | Fishing while balancing | Innocence of the Northeast | Dry and freezing chillness | Serving tourists at 12500 Ft | Naturally, quite interesting! | Frills of the north east Himalayas | Storms beckon Yumthang Valley | 45 years of nomadic life at 13800 ft | At the rough edges | Awww... thats when laughter took over the shyness! | Chants at the Gurudongmar Lake | One of the many bends of Yumthang | Torrential rains at the alpine valley | Ready to rake up some dust! | Holding post at the edge of the country! | Scenes just before the Chopta Valley | Barren yet Frozen | Mesmerizing Singhik Valley | The mighty Kanchenjunga | Traditional and yet charming | The Gangtok Sunset | Roadway all of a sudden, after all the dirt tracks | Half frozen textures | Travelling with the clouds | Golden haze of the southern rice bowl! | Alternate world fishing | The Dancing God | Karu to Leh.. at the roadside | Merak to Chushul, simply mindblowing! | The Ladakhian terrain | Descending from Khardung La | Golden waters fishing | Football at Marina | Hanle to Loma, on a Silk route | Madras Rains | With Storm in the beckoning, just back in time.. | Back to their land | Quintessential morning in Marina | On a breezy evening | Locked for ages | And the little one made it...! | Just about time for some morning fishing | The little joy of being photographed! | Celebrating the onset of rains | Greens around Thirumalaikovil | The butcher and his grandson | Street textures of the Madurai side | The biker's break | The diligent farmer | The Kanyakumari Sunrise | Perfect place for the two | Cloudy noon at the lotus pond | A cloudy sunday at Madras | The Kuttanad morning! | Kickstarting the harvest season! | Bending towards the tropical jungle | The harvest begins | Mist around the rainforests | The medieval feel of Kunnakudi | Like the sight of Lord Airavateeshwara | In search of the last pasture | Towards the stranger | Along the border, at Tsaga | Path towards absolute nature | Golden hues of the Kerala rice bowl | Fragrance of a perfect noon | That perfect sunrise | A perfect morning at the backwaters | Deep into the wetty Sholayar! | Towards the watchtower | The Cochin Twilight | Storm beckons over Athirapally | The Kuttanad Sunrise | In Sholayar, rains never stop! | 16000ft and further up | Textures of the borders | Farming in the morning mist | The first sight of Karakoram ranges | Feeling the raindrops | Curving into the jungle | 7:15 am, around the stillwaters | Just about for some fresh beginning | Getting drier and dense | Deep inside Parambikulam | Ripples of heaven | Pristine yellow stillwaters | Hiding under the bridge | The last chapter | Path towards wilderness | Entering into the Bamboo Forests | Twilight floating with the raft | Camera and sunrise for company! | Parambikulam Blues | Buzzin' past the cantilever bridge | Remains of the past | Half past six at Pamban | Making way through the stillwaters | The dawn dip | Fishing under the piers | Reflections of a meticulous work | Sitting on his raft | Back to banks after the first catch | First catch of the morning! | Fresh Day... Fresh Blues... | In the vicinity of Agam | Just about time for a terrific downpour! | The Hemis Landscape | Karu to Leh on Road | Let there be more light! | The Beach Road | Marina, just before rains! | Clouds loom over Leh! | Hunder to Thoise | Entering Maan | Sights when descending the K-Top | Winds of the Taglang La | Ascending up the mighty Chang La | The depth from Taglang La | Living in the Gaps | Reflections at Hunder! | From the watch tower | Hanle to Loma along the Silk Route | Moments after the Chang La descend | Along the banks of Tso Moriri | Silk route through Tsaga | Along the banks of the Tso, Pangong | Textures of Chalunka | The sight beneath Taglang La | The other side of Pangong Tso | Along the Ladakhian ranges | Textures of the salty Tso Kar | Clouds beckons over Shyok River | The ascend after North Pullu | The Nubra Textures | Bliss along the banks of Pangong | Azure and glittering | Flying above the Himalayas | Cloud burst on top of one of the Himalayan peaks | The steep ascend towards 'K Top' | At 17000 ft above sea level.. on top of Indus.. | Prisitine landscapes of Maan Merak | Textures below Taglang la | Working at the edges | Gorgeous curves | Clouds loom over Karu | Feeling the wind at Tso Moriri | Azure and exotic! | Kiangs on the Silk Route! | When the Himalayas met the Karakoram! | Barren before the gods | The Himalayan Terrain | Breezy evening at the shores | Other side of the corn seller! | Saturday evening at the beach! | First time at the gushing sea waters | The roasted-corn seller | Curving towards the forests of Manimuthar | Breezy noon at the beach | On a cloudy morning at the Beach | Storm beckons the Schmidt Memorial | Chatru to Batal - On the dirt track... | On the shores... on a cloudy morning...! | Beach Mobile | Pulling his catchment! | The gush of the river 'Thamirabharani' | Second voyage to the Himalayas | The last camel ride of fading day! | A morning job done on the narrow pier! | Golgoppas on the beach! | Morning respects at Thamirabharani | The plunge into the ganges | Munshi ghats.. | Walking on the narrow strip | On the banks at noon | Wild waves under the pier! | Symbolizing the medieval era! | The main ghats of Varanasi | The feel of the Ghats | Narad Ghat | Rowing past the Munshi Ghats | Departures of the Manikarnika Ghat | Life in the ghats | On the boats and selling flowers! | Rowing towards Ahaliyabhai Ghats | The submerged house of Lord Shiva! | The Dashashwamedh Ghats | Boat makers of Varanasi | Sunrise from Dashashwamedh Ghats | Washing away the sins at the Ganges | Boats lay rest on the banks of Ganges | On the banks of Ganges, at twilight.. | The other side of Manikarnika Ghat | Dreams of the past | The Varanasi Sunset | Embracing the Ganges! | Diving into the Ganges! | Morning on the ghats of Varanasi! | Twilight silence at the lagoon | Fishes at the edges | The corner shop | The morning fling | Deep and full of gorges | Into the sea on a fine morning! | The lone fisherman on the cloudy morning! | Focussing at twilight | Back to shores after a windy morning! | Solitude at the lagoon | Distributing the morning's catch! | Riders of the beach horse! | Camels on the shallow beaches of Gujarat | Getting lost in the edges of the white desert.. | Mandvi magic ending with the camel ride! | The take off of the lesser Flamingo! | Enchanting evening at the valley | The valley of tea | Fine morning for the fishermen | Riding on the white desert! | Driving off the morning haze | Up they take off in the air... ! | Up on her Dad's shoulders and into the waters! | Along the shallow waters and the sunset hues! | Photographing the morning at Pulicat | Beach-walking with his camel! | Barefoot fishing at the Pulicat Lake | The Mandvi sunset! | The great bumby ride across Dhordo | Riding into the dark! | Equally excited - Mamma and her boy! | Fun through the Kutch window! | Shore Walking with the Camel! | The walk into the marine world! | Roadscapes to the Great Rann of Kutch | The joy of being on top of a Camel! | Kite flying at Dhordo! | Exploring the Bay of Kutch | The big walk with her dad! | The beginning of the white desert! | Across the Mandvi sunset! | The Pulicat Sunrise! | Gorges and the falling water! | Into the twilight waters for fishing! | 'Udal Manukku Uyir Tamizhukku' | Empowering the Ecosystem !?! | Cycling across the Pulicat Sunrise! | When resolutions bloom into reality! | First twilight of 2013! | When fresh hopes begin.. | Witnessing the cyclonic moments! | On a mystic roadscape! | Exploring the sunrise of Malshej Ghats | When it gotten Dark and Cyclonic! | Towards the mystic destination | The foggy bend! | On the reckoning | The Mughal, just after Sunset! | On a rainy day... in the Kerala roadscapes! | Cloudy day at the fields! | Freedom and Divinity! | Alone after the storm! | Feeling the breeze at the western ghats! | The giant leap against the sunset! | Emptiness after the storm! | Another enchanting evening! | Setting up for his twilight shoot! | Double jumpers! | Path to absolute grasslands | Canyon-esque gorges of Maharashtra! | The big leap on a Malshej Morning! | When net meets the water! | Clouds loom over Satara! | The 2 sides of a catch! | The noon jog at Kaas! | The art of a fine fisherman! | Mastering the art of a perfect fling! | Something fishy about it! | Stillwaters fishing at Kolavai | Wee hours at Agra! | Walking through the surreal mist! | Alone in the noir-ish mist! | The Washerwomen at dawn! | Into the waters with barefoot! | Fertile for miles! | Beyond the enchanting morning haze | The big fling at the golden waters! | Into the waters at twilight! | Bush Cricket! | The mist and the explorers! | Greens, Falls and the Gorges! | Rain spray and the red umbrella! | Alone with the nature at its purest | On the way from Kundhgod to Saunshi! | Like an ocean in the middle of a rainforest! | The town amidst the gorges and the greens! | Towards a hazy destination! | In the middle of the rainforest! | Falling amidst the absolute greens | The gaze at the plateau! | The Shine in the Roadscape! | Reflections a temple hamlet | Saturday evening at the beach! | Walking through the dense woods! | Growing Snakegourds | The divine dip! | Through the Tholpetty forests! | Enchanted at the green paradise | Feeling the misty forest! | Leaping above Banasura | Through the rainforests of Iruppu! | Crystal clear waters of Banasura | First experience on a tree house | The reds on the Tholpetty roadscape | Water on the foothills of Brahmagiri | Roadscape in the middle of a forest | Walk into the woods | When skies danced! | The 2 at Mid Seas | The broken bridge | The sight from the broken bridge | Lonely fishing! | Reflections at the swamp! | Aftermaths of the XUV 'effect! | Cycling along the swamp at sunset! | On a cloudy day at the beach | Cricket on a cloudy beach | Into the Kovalam waters | Walking with the waves | True blues of Kovalam | Rushing into the sea | The 2 at mid-sea | Mid sea blues of Kovalam | Another perspective of the epic dusk! | Sailin' through the Bay of Bengal | Boats rest on a gloomy day | Morning fishing at the golden waters | The perfect sunrise in every sense! | Another awesome morning at the Taj! | Journey on! | The mind of the fisherwoman | Fields of the Mughals | Another glimpse of the epic sunrise | Life around the Taj | Monumental Sunrise!! | Morning rays at Theo! | Just about the swing of the net | Thats my light | Reflections of a Chengalpet fisherman | Morning at the golden stillwaters | Washing in heaven | Foggy morning and the stuntmen | About to get into the stillwaters | Another enchanting session at the stillwaters | All alone and enchanted | Taking a fling at the Horizon | Towards Paranur | Into stillwaters at twilight | Moments before the big catch | After a special session of fishing | Eternal fishing | Unwinding the morning session | When dreams are real and reality gets surreal | The Artistic Morning Release | Silhouettes on the banks of Kolavai | Ethereal reflections | The Washerman and his gorgeous place of work | Morning life in the stillwaters | Paddy, Sun and full of gold | Goats, men and the hillock sunset | Walking across the smog! | Imagine a place like this in an urban jungle! | Dragging his boat into the horizon | Stuntmen amidst the smog | Fishing at the break of dawn | Cycling with nature | Walking in Marina on a smoggy morning | On a Bhogi morning at Marina | Contemplating his dive into the lotus pond! | Golden evening hues at the beach | Another glittering sunset | Reds and Blues at Birubi | The Glittering Sunset | The perfect evening at the beach | Sunset at the Lagoon | Cloudy noon at the broken pier | Motor boat fishing on the golden waters | Evening fishers of Besant Nagar Beach | Evening time at the Chennai waves | The "Molaga Bajji" shop | Sparks of the Sunday Corn! | Boats, Blues and the Beach | Bright and Sunny... a perfect day at the beach! | Tracing back to his catch | Fishing from the shores | The lone boat and the rush of waves | Morning time at the Marina waters | Dragging his net and back to the waters | Searching for fishes in the waters of Royapuram | On the raft at sunset... | Quite place for a friendly banter | The last walk for the day on the pier | Fishing nets on the glittering Lagoon! | On the waves with my friends! | Seeing something beyond the usual morning sight! | Moody evening at the Beach | Icecreams on a cloudy day! | Memories of a cloudy day at Madras | Just about to rain at the beach! | Alone below the crazy clouds! | Just after sunset | Morning sights at Marina | Thalankuppam Pier | Walking into the waves | A small break from fishing | Power of the twilight | On their way along the fizzing waters! | Boats rest as the sun is about set in Muttukad | The blues and the boats make it just the right way | After the sun set at Kunzum La | Quite a Cochin feeling! | Fishermen of Royapuram | Morning Fishing at the Thalankuppam Lagoon | Splashes of the Madras waves! | Three men on top of the pier | Back from waters at the event of a glorious sunset | Cloudy morning on a pier | Their boat, their home, their everything... | Boats at rest at the twilight waters | Dragging his catch to the shore | Walking on top of the gushing waves | On top of a camel as the light fades away | Catching up his boat at twilight | The boy in the striped pyjamas | Back from the backwaters | Full moon at the Great Indian Desert | Twilight fishing | Before the Sarchu - Spiti split! | Marina on smoggy morning | Swinging in the waters | Beyond imagination | Golden hues of the Fairfax sunset | The Echoes of Barachukki falls | On a blissful Sunday morning | Dreams of a great evening catch | Lowering his net and waiting for his moment! | Morning time at Muttukad | Morning light beckons as the sun rises | Rafting his way forward | Evening and the nets! | Lights on.. Rake up the dust.. | Lowering his nets | The release for the catch | Times of loneliness | Back in the fishing business | The last attempt for the day | Fishing at the backdrop of a lovely sunset | Waiting for the pandemonium | At the wake of the Bhogi Dawn! | Bhogi Morning at Theosophical Society Road | Streaming in the desert | Alone on a breezy evening! | Fun at the backdrop of a glorious sunset | The red at the Birubi beach blues | Following the red in the Birubi Blues! | The Etalong Blues! | Wings of excitement | Nature and fun beyond imagination | The grand pacific driveway | The gorges of the fishermen! | The Mahabs Sunset | Back to the shores after fishing! | Past the rocky gorges | The "Parisal" rider | Stains of Red under the bridge | Traces of red in absolute green! | Clouds gather near the fields! | Dharmapuri to Hogenakkal | Evening dip at Cauvery! | Handling the Parisal with ease | The other side of the Metropolitan | The roar of the waterfalls | On the rocks! | Beneath the Shivanasamudram bridge | Through the woods of the Theo! | What a place to cycle!! | Oh Beera! | "Barso re megha" at Shivanasamudram! | A walk to remember | Just after the Poompaarai rains | View of Athirapally from the top! | Oh.. and that excitement! | The quintessential evening | Lights on after the storm | Essence of the rainforest! | Into the woods | Exploring Mahabalipuram! | Rains, fog, those bends and that smell of Kodai! | Oh that beautiful morning at the Valley! | Standing tall and facing the sunset | A walk across the twilight hues | Medieval times! | Super excited at the Sunset point | The Mahabalipuram Sunset | Sunny Saturday noon on the beach | Tranquility prevailed! | The fisherman's cycle | The Roadscape to Ki | A perfect setting for a morning drive! | Beat the heat at Pondy! | Morning walk at the Mehtab Bagh Garden | A perfect start to a day | Entering Ki | Motoring at just below Kunzum La pass | Pulling their boat out of shores! | Just out of the sea | Snow capped peaks around Kunzum La | Highest motorable village in the world | Descending towards Zanskar.. | Solitude on a fine morning! | Working hard early.... on a new beginning! | Rohtang roadscapes descending towards Gramphu! | Ooofff... it was -17 Degrees C ! | Buzzing past the Spitian gorges! | Spiti's quintessential roadscape! | To Kunzum La... on time! | The "Ki" village! | Along the Chandra river... | Brakes on at Kunzum La... | Sunrise across the Jamuna | Kibber to Kazaa through the Spitian desert! | Through the toughest terrains! | Towards Batal when Roads started to fade out! | Key to Spiti Valley | Second path to the heights! | Slowly as the blues started to sprout out... | Its about to rain... and she gets ready!! | Morning across the Kodai Valley | Living on the rainy Arakkal valley! | Quite like the Garden of eden... Huh?!! | The Mystic bend near the Kodai Hills | Alone in the faded twilight... | On a hot afternoon at the fishermen zone | Cricket at the edges | Dragging his boat off the waters! | Feeling bumpy at twilight! | Off the sea waters! | Dragging both of them along the desert | Deep into the woods! | Backwater blues | 3 fishermen vying for the big catch! | Perfect Kochi hues! | The Stamp of Cochin | Cruisin' past the sunset | Evening ecstasy at Kochi! | 2 boats and yet outside the waters! | Fishing on the golden waters | At the dock on a cloudy twilight! | Whispering Waves | Bright sunny day on the backwaters... | The vembanad sunset and her! | Eye of the tiger! | Quite exquisitely "Kerala" | The Blue City | On the edge | Road at the edge | New Age of loneliness | Selling something hot on the wheels! | Retreating in blues! | Golden Rays of Lake Pichola! | Pup.... Ready to let loose! | Relaxing at the Sam Dunes Sunset! | Hues of isolation | Stunning Sight! | Beat of passion | Twilight break at Gadisar | Resting on to the glorious sunset! | A successful trek at Mandore! | Planning his next prank! | 6:30 AM at Gadisar Lake | Fading into the twilight hues! | Through the streets of Jaisalmer | Stranded in a place where emptiness prevailed! | Twilight blues of the Great Indian Desert | My first "desert sunset"! | Enchanting hues at Gadisar lake! | Essentially Jaisalmer! | Capturing the Sun in the true essence! | Unmasking the Rajasthani traditions | A city amidst the golden sands | The Estate covered with mist | A fine foggy morning at Coorg! | True Blues! | A walk at the beach on a sunny day | Fishing blues! | The Lone Fisherman | Just before sunrise... | Out of the beach... On a cloudy Sunday! | Subtle rains after summer | Across the golden path | Contemplating with his catch | Road trip to Coorg | Boy outside the locked door... | Feeling the fog | Up the hill | Logs in the Woods | Man in the morning mist | 6:00 AM life of Kushal Nagar | Towards Siddhapur | On top of Talacauvery! | Middle earth wakes up | Into the woods | Into the zone of Varali | Fishermen and the morning hues | Typical evening at ECR | The sudden feel of rain in March | Towards the golden haze | Hazy and on the road | Minutes before another sunset | The watch tower at the beach | Another new beginning | Palms and the sunset | Boats and the evening shades of yellow | Buckingham canal, Chennai | Its all happening out there! | Twilight blues! | Following the signs, on the road and alone | The narrow canal | Morphing through time | Following the halo | The balance act in Fishing | Gateway to heaven | Destiny shadows | Village near Kalpakkam | Fishing at twilight | Alone and still standing | Roadscape - Madras to Pondicherry | Reflections in Palaghat | Boating at the twilight in Yelagiri | A lone old tree on a glorious backdrop! | Feeling the Water | Full of salt! | In solitude... | Few minutes before it set | Loneliness | View from Thirunelly temple | Just back home.... | Besant Nagar beach! | Gloomy day on the beach | A fine morning on an empty beach! | The Barren | Towards Pondy! | Evening tones on the OMR | Palms on the OMR | Empowering! | Another Mystic sunset | Sunflower fields | Palms and the setting Sun | The gorgeous Coorg roadscape | Another beautiful evening! | The Iruppu falls | Return to Archive

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