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The cute cry! | Lost in Paradise | Traces of the Navajo’s | Flying with the cotton candies | Hiding her other eye! | Buzzing past the Beach Road | She brought out the child in her! | Chill it out at the beach stall! | The cotton candy man! | Evening hues on road! | Together | Searching for the crabs | March rains at Chennai! | Fishing on the glittering waters of Muttukad | Lighting up! | " Like a breath of fresh air...." | Way towards waves | Still life of the Marina Fishing Zone! | Running through the woods! | Carrying it to home | Interesting place to rest! | Harbour hues | Sea blues | Fishing gadgets on rest after a busy day! | Clouds gather around the Chennai coast! | In the beach on the cloudy day! | Rays inside the temple | Near the Chennai Harbour | Simply Mystical! | Walk after the rain! | At the beach | On a cloudy noon! | Beach Volleyball | Fishing Boats on rest! | Its drizzling... | Celebrating a sunset?!! | The Kottivakkam beach! | The necklace | The cyclist | Cyclist from the morning mist? | Lost in translation | Rowing across the ripples | Summer time at the beach for the 3! | Dust and smoke emerging out of a construction site | Beating the heat | Elliots beach on a typical Morning | Sailing at the Bay of Bengal | Fishin' in Evion | A good morning at the Elliot's Beach | Trapping them on the net! | Fisherman at the twilight moment | just not yet into the sea | Just the rope and stick for company! | Caught in the net | Two for fishing | No fishes yet ?!! | Fishing on thin rope | Day hues of the fisherman folk in Marina | Capturing the capturer | On a "Bhogi" morning in Besant avenue | Joy | Return to Archive

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