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Snow walker | A dip to cool it off | Rope walker | Butter beer joint | Barefoot beneath the bridge | Shallow waters fishing | Seventh heaven | Feeling the water | On the fountain front | Pure joy | Zillion droplets.. Zillion fun! | Game on | Twilight bikers | The Run | Boy! ... it’s Bath time!! | On the wall | Driving echoes of Sydney | Beach volley | Taking the lead | Holding the guardian | Dances on the wet sands | After some surfin’ | At the beach with mumma | Evening biking | Blazin’ through! | Much needed break | Biker on the go again! | Kick | Hoola hoop! | On completing the trail | End of the blazing trail | Such is the game.. just a game | Mommy & me | Destination | Gliding throught the sea | Searching within the glitters | The big dive | Biking at Sohier | Canoe along the estuary | Cycling around the fading light | Walking in the snow | Parambikulam blues | Upside down amongst the normalcy | Two on the pedal | Happiness in the air | Flushing Meadows | Maid of the mist | Serbian Artistry | Drawing more ripples | Quite an evening tea | Grilling monsoon heats | Sheer team work | Mumma, boy and the fun | Song of the waves | The joy of entering a pristine beach | Sprints on the sands | Monsoon Canoe sprints! | Getting set for the monsson race | Kickers of Gangtok | Swirlin' up for a perfect bender | Full length on his right to save a goal! | Walking upside down in the air | Beach Volleyball on cloudy evening | Indian Ocean, his bed! | The Mood for Randomness | Empty stands on a rainy day | Practising the art of Handwalking | Wooden rafting in Parambikulam waters | Gravitating above Marina | Carrom at the gullies! | Header on! | Like the twist of the Dolphin | The double "bulti"! | The first look | Jumpin' from the boat | Tackling many men at one time | Back to banks of Ganges | Bholu, the Banarasi | Kite-flying in Ganges | Morning jog along the Pulicat swamp | Little Cricketers and Fun! | Unleashing the Beast! | The young bunch of beach cricketers | Beach cricket buddies | Some UFO just landed! | Zippin' up through the sparkling waves | Jumpin' from the skies | Cyclers of Marina | When boats stayed back at the shore | When merry just goes round and round! | Shooting the Balloons! | Merry go round at twilight | Moonlight at the Desert | Quite a walk at the beach | Resting under the shade of the tree | The upside down stunt | "Bulti" as they call it! | Up in the air and that Sommersault ! | Acrobatic stunts at the beach! | The Somersault Practice | Netting his way to a good day's catch | Learning the art of the Back Flip! | Hand walk at the Elliots Beach | Volley ball on a smoggy morning! | At the waters of Nelsons Bay! | Chasing his catch! | Fun on the run! | Now imagine VVS Laxman's 167 Not.out! | Twilight fishing at the Nelsons bay Pier | Left leg up like the lord and then the pull! | The forward defense | "Its all happening out there !!!" | The big splash at the infinity pool | Hard Cricket after a long time | A perfect evening at Bondi! | Carnival heights! | Jumping into the arms of her dad | The joy of seeing a big version of herself | Swimming in chill waters | Quite a noir-ish setting for a carnival! | Oh! Those were the days.... | At evening, in search of fishes! | The watch tower expedition! | Serenity prevailed at Muttukad! | At rest, on a cloudy evening! | About to rain at the dock... | Quite silent at the Muttukad Dock! | Sunset Cruise | Steep and slippery path to the Kiliyur Falls! | Retreat at Kumarakom! | The Lake Palace | The perfect evening at Udaipur | 1930's - The driver's seat | Yay!!! On leave in the name of rains! | Cycling along the beach road | Ludo's on! | Perfect Sunday noon at Marina! | Motoring the boat on the glorious golden waters! | The Eerie Twins | Fifth Month! | Components of the South Indian Casino | The offloaded "Black devil" | Game on for the two! | Noon fun at the Marina beach | Game on... Beach Volleyball! | Boating at Yelagiri lake | Return to Archive

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