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R | Farm truck | Some company, on air.. | Memories of Nilam | Salem welcomes one and all! | Delay in a journey | Towards a foggy destination | Dawn at Kanyakumari | A Madras Cycler | Sailing across the Ganges at twilight | Camel cart at the white desert | Passion on road | Just after take off | On the waters... on a murky noon! | Abandoned Bicycle | Heights of Traffic Jam | Fading out at the Great Indian Desert! | Vintage smile! | Silhouette of the camel cart! | Twilight tones at Aalamparai | Catching a train to the past! | Trainspotting... huh!? | The other side of the platform | Catching a train on a rainy day! | One departs and another arrives... | Catching up a train | Flight of the bumble bee! | Zippin' past the Yellow lorry! | Rushing past a yellow lorry! | Return to Archive

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