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Bonding with the roots
NY at twilight
Oh boy... what a yawn!
Freedom walk
A kiss like a blessing
Water somewhere in the barren
Some company, on air..
Evening at SFO
Evening meetup
Sanfrancisco, on a rainy day
Landscapes of North Colorado
The fisherman's wharf
Towards the crooked street
Wiping off the Bokeh
San Francisco Baby!
On a rainy night
Rainy day at Baker's beach
Somewhere above Utah
Little happy feet
Monsoon down south
Surrounded by the border force
Natural art
Towards the Chinese border
Parambikulam blues
Mystic morning at the Raja Ghats
Across the shining waters
Fragile in snow
Who is getting the fishes?
Worn out fishing gear
Alone at the lake
Reminiscences of the past
The garlandmaker
Silhouettes on gold
Rural Blues
On top of the pier in Monsoon
Along the barren
Colours of the seventh heaven
Endless greenery
Self Admiration
Clouds loom over Tso Kar
Rainy night at the bridge