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Always the blues
On top of the world
The Emperor
Friends for life
The striped one
Dense concrete jungle
Made in Manhattan
Strings Attached
Light your bulb
From Ammi with Love
A year of sunshine
Light up your world
Taming the wild
Reservoir biking
Snow art
Minimalistic monsoon play
Silence need to be heard
Stories of the Cholan era
Echoes of the temple corridors
Setting to rise
The last sunset
Fallen Leaf Lake
Search for something deep
Two at the tip
Foggy curve
Two under the bridge
On the lake waters
Turning one!
Floating fog
Two at the edge
Snow capped!
Hanging before the fall
Touching the winter mist
Three, on a search..
The sound of a flowing stream
Connecting the bay, so gloriously!
Ripples of a fallen leaf
Lake full of mist
Path to wilderness
3 Muskateers and the jump!
Roadway to Tahoe