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Alone at the lake
Reminiscences of the past
The garlandmaker
Silhouettes on gold
Rural Blues
On top of the pier in Monsoon
Along the barren
Colours of the seventh heaven
Endless greenery
Self Admiration
Clouds loom over Tso Kar
Rainy night at the bridge
Beads and the butterflies
Life full of Tea
Working at red atmosphere
Johnny theme at NY
Mostly blue!
Into the sea at twilight
Across strips of water by the thin strip of wood
Selling flowers on the Ganges
Suspended into the other side of gravity
In search for the claws
Huddled up in the barren
Shades of Behag
Attentive Keelback
Noon dip at Ganges
Funny stories
In Focus
Extraordinary setting for work
Upside down amongst the normalcy
Spectacled beast
Rising amongst the best
In search of redemption
Fully covered on a Bhogi morning
Camels and the sunset hues
Arathi beckons
Lady at Kibber
Early morning fishing
Barren strips of Tso Kar