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Chio's smiles all over
Devotion to nature
Mamma's hair!
Returning to the shores
Snack time
Sound of the Spitian stream
Vintage RR
Colours all over
Sneaking around for the mice
Eye to eye with Ashu
Practising the twisted flip
Morning retreat
Chio's little moments
Inner Ladakh
Amazing terrain of Nyoma
Whispering dunes
Valleys of Gangtok
Enigmatic warrior prince
Silhouettes at Clearwater
Fascinated by his whistling aunt
Yours affectionately...
Few left at the Amur valley
Hues of the Clearwater
Cycling in white sands
More pride!
Doors to the light
Hues of glorious sunset
Little lazy at noon
Neck is out
Lamby baby!
Cycling around the fading light
Pintail beauty
Dusty and barren
Beyond the fences
Catching the mighty
Walking in the snow
Poison with the beauty
Merc for the future
Cock a doodle do!
Next gen machines
Solitude at the lake