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Neck is out
Lamby baby!
Cycling around the fading light
Pintail beauty
Dusty and barren
Beyond the fences
Catching the mighty
Walking in the snow
Poison with the beauty
Merc for the future
Cock a doodle do!
Next gen machines
Solitude at the lake
Noon time date
Window side visitor
Curves of the Boa
Grooming herself
From his hideout..
Like a lion..
Reaching out for love
Greens amidst concrete
Ladakhian textures
Empire through a pin hole
Ancient times
Explorers at twilight
At the Wharf... in the evening..
Natural frills
The call for the evening
Connecting with nature
Yellow standing out amidst the reds
In between the Himalayas...
Snow capped
Shine on you crazy diamond!
City Hall
Double rainbow across the Golden Gate
Bonding with the roots
NY at twilight
Oh boy... what a yawn!
Freedom walk
A kiss like a blessing
Water somewhere in the barren
Some company, on air..