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From distant times
Ladakhian landscape
Nectar for supper
Mystic Leh
On the glittering Ganges
Vintage Merc
Innocence under the turban
City on the sand
Evening with the camels
For the peace in the valley
Look who is on the streets!
Exquisite structures
Way across the narrow streets
Glimpses of the fall
Medieval hues
The pensive warrior
Morning walk across the gullies
Fading away with the last light
Chirpy evening
For each other
Above Tampa Bay
Forever, My Angel..
Wait! Says the Prince..
Dances with the evening breeze
Autumn textures
The lone fisherman at twilight
Journey of changing colours
A stroll in yellow woods
Pass time of pelting stones
Falling in gold
Two on the pedal
In synch with the season
From across the Hudson
Letting loose his inhibitions
Happiness in the air
Autumn Textures
Smitten by Autumn
Clouds above the lady
Fall Colours
Walk in the whispering woods