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A cloudy evening in Manhattan
Royal room with a view
Twilight meet
Stairway to 18th century
Joy in the air
Yours exquisitely, Time
Sails and the wind
Redefining itself
Memories build stronger future
Tick tock
The grand staircase
Medieval tones
The noon of a garland maker
Shepherd’s gaze
Little Children
Neon lights
Walk to the dip
Grandma’s boy
Friends of life
Whiff of fresh but sandy air
Sleepy hippy
Bending at page
Little roar
Barren chillness
Spotted one
Golden whispers
Farm truck
About to roar
Much needed break
Striped permanently
Adder’s twist
Sneak peek at the setting sun
Love ❤️ in the air!
Chio out from her hiding
Deep love
Peeping from the greens