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Little lord of cuteness
Empty nets
Curving into the woods
Fading away with the light
Exquisite Thodi
Rainy day at the woods
Changing seasons
Blending with the deep
Learning to think
Following the fall
The scent of the first fall
Hulk illusions
Destination emotions
Himalayan edges
On completing the trail
Living at the edge
Stranger apprehensions
Cruising through the Opera house
Crossing waters
A fine morning
Boy surounded by stripes
Golden Arches of the Taj
Window side
The little biker
Dust scapes on the way to Spiti
End of the blazing trail
Such is the game.. just a game
Evening tales
Arches and the Taj
Mission accomplished
Echoes of innocence
Mommy & me
Walk in the bridge
Larger than life illusions
Blazing away in glory
Blues all over
Mughalian intricasies
Sunday noon, outside the church