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Control Room, World War II Submarine
Doubts on the other side
2 horned Rhino
The yawn
White yawns
Walking under the bridge
Eye of the long necked Guy
Keen, on the face
Hanging in shine
Space to fill
Dreams begins
Himalayan Textures
Truly from Kutch
For the other side of Ganges
The antagonist
Bending for a drink
When past is still the present
The much needed growl
Deep in the jungle
The one horned Indian
Out from the hiding
Into his dreams
Street Art
Chio's smiles all over
Devotion to nature
Mamma's hair!
Returning to the shores
Snack time
Sound of the Spitian stream
Vintage RR
Colours all over
Sneaking around for the mice
Eye to eye with Ashu
Practising the twisted flip
Morning retreat
Chio's little moments
Inner Ladakh
Amazing terrain of Nyoma
Whispering dunes