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Living at the edges
The Patriarchs
Bridegroom at the edge!
First sight of the Navajo spirits
Design by time
Quite a seat
Winds’ game
Light of the sands
San Francisco hues
Top of the Canyons
Colorado rising
The thump of scaling heights
When light and sand merge
Overcast skies at the bend
At the edge
Grandeur every inch
Overlooking diversity
Million years piece of work
Traces of the Navajo’s
Lion face
Magical Zion
The merger at the canyons
Ear of the winds
Special evening at the South Rim
Glowing curves
Song of the Raven
Trails around the Horseshoe
Eye of the sun
Experiencing something profound
When nature inspires
Spirit of the Navajo
Roadscape to the patriarchs
The Bend
Ray of the red earth
Brooklyn’s finest
Along the muddy river
Priest’s life
Roadway to Chang La