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Camouflaging to perfection
High five for eternity
Rainforest material
Sounds of nature
One itchy guy
Rounded in Red
Quite some sleep
The twilight song
Waiting for his prey
Tomorrow remains
Might of the mountains
Sifaka’s balance
Quenching his thirst
In search of the Komodo Dragon
Living in the edge
The last chorus of the evening symphony
Millions of shining neon lights
Bright towards light
Wandering woods
Dressed like a Tiger
Reflecting friendship
In the hiding
Completing a circle
Peek a boo
Towards the dense
Circle of life
Queen’s pride
Dreams and the skies
Water walker
The full circle
Always the blues
On top of the world
The Emperor
Friends for life
The striped one
Dense concrete jungle
Made in Manhattan
Strings Attached
Light your bulb
From Ammi with Love