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Lake full of mist
Path to wilderness
3 Muskateers and the jump!
Roadway to Tahoe
Bay breeze
A new hope
Shadows of the unknown
Shrouding all in it's mystique
Walk in the fog
Many layers underneath
6 years flies by
In gold..
Scaling the pinnacle
Symbolizing bond
Drifting mist
Blending with the woods
Nooks of Benaras
Monk's sojourn
Gush of the falling waters
To the other side of Ganges
Wakeup, papa!!
Amused fella'
Ascending the Himalayas
Leaning to his dreams
Sweeping through Medieval times
The pink supper
The hungry guy
On the banks of Ganga
Indeed a glorious morning!
Conversations with the above
Roadway to autumn
A family, clinging on..
Captain to the rescue!
Vermont foliage
Meeting new friends
Three striped
Hiding behind the yellows
Autumn rendezvous
Tunnel of trees
Path to the yellows